We’ve created a totally unique solution to your technical recruitment challenges.

Businesses of all sizes, sectors and specialisms hire their talent from Code Nation.

We call these businesses our Pledgers, and they take advantage of hiring the talent they’ve been dreaming of with no recruitment fees.

Our Apprenticeship programme enables employers to shape what their new talent will learn during their course, bespoking their bootcamp to suit their technical requirements and ways of working. And thanks to the Apprenticeship Levy – there’s no cost to do so.


Creating employable talent

We have the ability to create employable talent that directly fills the digital skills gap. Our approach has revolutionised the ‘traditional’ apprenticeship model and provides businesses with a genuine solution to their talent shortages.
Here’s how we can help you;

Business engagement
The critical path to success is the engagement of businesses to create a bespoke training programme. Aside from our brilliant instructors, the best education comes from working closely with the business community.

Industry-led courses
We work with our network of employers to shape what we teach. That means students learn skills that are required within a modern business and gain valuable industry insight before they graduate.

Early access to tech talent
Pledging businesses have early access to talent that has graduated from our bootcamp before they hit the job market. Our grads make great apprentices because they’ve already had 3 months of training with us.

Pay zero fees
If you find your dream employee after interviewing our talent, you won’t have to pay a penny in recruitment fees to hire them. And if they join you as an apprentice, their training has already been paid by the Apprenticeship Levy.

Over 90% of our graduates are now employed across the tech sector and over 200 businesses partner with us to shape their future talent.

tech talent heroes

Look smarter and tap into a tech talent pool like no other. Thanks to a course that’s shaped by the demands of employers, our graduates are technically mature, commercially aware and exposed to industry practice from day 1. That’s why over 200 businesses find their new Software Developers at Code Nation.

Where to find your talent

Code Nation students cover the interpersonal skills, professional know how and technical expertise to become a successful employee within a modern working environment.

All of our courses are available to study in our state of the art campuses or remotely in our virtual learning environment. We use Moodle Cloud and BigBlueButton as well as a whole host of other cool tech solutions to ensure that wherever you are studying with us - the experience is world class.

Develop: Coding

Over 3 weeks students will learn the principles of coding and experience life as a professional in the sector. Learning the fundamentals of the field, students cover JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Python.

Master: Coding

Our 12 week bootcamp immerses students in full-stack software development. Students will own the role of a professional developer and graduate with the skills they need to join their employer.

Creating employable talent that businesses will love

Students learn essential knowledge that can’t be found in a text book - and that’s why the talent we create is ready to join the workforce whilst they’re still here training with us.

Our team has pioneered a training programme that enables us to work directly with employers in need of talent, working together to engineer a business-led training course that’s laser-focussed on what’s happening in the tech landscape.

World-class learning environments

We’ve set up our campuses in the centre of cities with rich tech cultures. This ensures that our students and partner businesses have everything they need to thrive right on their doorstep.

Code Nation has become a key part of our talent pipeline and we’ll take on more apprentices every year. The programme sets apprentices up for a seamless transition into the workplace with tailored learning on the course that’s close to their day job.


Bringing new people into the industry is really important for us, and partnering with companies like Code Nation allows us to accelerate that growth and stimulate the change we need.

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